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The Resonant Voice is within everyone, 
explore what is possible on your vocal path!

Imagine having the courage to sing that one song you LOVE?!?

How would it feel if you could hit that high note you dream about & fully trust that it's there?

What vocal goals could you reach if you had the tools and techniques to support your unique voice?

If these questions sound familiar, then 1:1 voice lessons are just the adventure you have been looking for.

It is my goal to provide every student with a personalized & differentiated lesson experience to meet you where you are atchallenge you to see where your voice can take you



Great! I am so excited to welcome you to

The Resonant Voice studio!

Book a FREE 15 min. Singer Discovery Session below to get started on your vocal path.

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Marble Surface

"Working one on one within lessons provides a safe space in which I am able to find the joy in singing & learn new techniques.  In my experience in lessons, I have learned how important understanding the way the body supports the voice creates a fuller more resonant sound." 

- Fatima W.

"Ally takes great care and pride in selecting music and exercises for her students, custom tailoring every lesson for her individual student. Ally perfectly set me up for success by helping me center my body into singing and finding my own voice rather than attempting to mold it into something else. Ally helped me build my confidence in singing and performing by helping me find my own voice."

Mckinley L.


I offer both virtual & in person voice lessons that accommodate you & your schedule.

Book a FREE call here!

Virtual lessons

offered via Zoom.

In person lessons

offered at:

The Prairie School

[enrolled students only]

Brookfield Academy

[enrolled students only]


30 minute lesson

Single session


45 minute lesson

Single session


Monthly lesson fee

Weekly 30 min. sessions

for one month

- 4 lesson max. -


Weekly 45 min. sessions

for one month

- 4 lesson max. -


Semester lesson fee

Weekly 30 min. sessions

for four months

- 16 lesson max. -


Semester students get

FULL access to The Resonant Voice Routine a $247 value.

Learn more about

The Routine HERE!



Lesson Plans

Lesson plans updated weekly and tailored to your specific vocal goals.  Includes recommended practice plans for warm-ups & repertoire.  

The Voice Lessons

Our lesson sessions are 30 mins. and occur weekly. 

You will leave each lesson with homework oriented towards your vocal needs & goals, as well as, 1-2 action items you can start implementing immediately!

Guided Recordings

Access to The Resonant Voice's video vault of guided recordings to fully support you in achieving your vocal goals!

Including, but not limited to:

vocal warm-ups, meditations, breath work, yoga movement for singing and targeted vocal exercises.


Ready to start lessons with The Resonant Voice?

Book your FREE

Singer Discovery Call!

Voice lessons are for you if....

You feel STUCK

  • In one style of singing

  • In body tension & stress

  • In an anxious performance mindset

  • In the notes you can sing & fully trust

  • In your overall vocal growth & potential

You want SUPPORT

  • In shifting your singer's mindset

  • In establishing a vocal practice tailored to YOU

  • In singing with authentic emotion

  • In developing YOUR stage presence 

  • In finding vocal freedom

You desire GROWTH

  • In your dream genre of music performing

  • In your mind & body connection to your voice

  • In your stage presence

  • In your vocal range

  • In your whole voice & whole self


Book a FREE 15 min. Singer Discovery Session right away- studio openings are LIMITED!

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