The Resonant Voice is

within everyone...

explore what is possible

on your vocal path!


What would you be able to vocally attain if you had the personalized tools and techniques to support your unique voice?


How would it feel if you could fully trust your voice in any situation?

Where do you envision your voice can take you?


If these are questions you have asked yourself and/or you aren't sure how to answer- 1:1 voice lessons with The Resonant Voice may just be the voice adventure you have been looking for.

Voice training with Ally Smalley as a part of The Resonant Voice studio is a personalized and differentiated experience to meet you where you are at and challenge you to see where your voice can take you! 

Are you ready to dive in?

Great! I am so excited to welcome you to

The Resonant Voice studio!

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Online lessons

offered via Zoom.


In person lessons

offered at:

The Heart Revival









The Prairie School

[enrolled students only]

Brookfield Academy

[enrolled students only]


30 minute lesson

Single session


Monthly lesson fee

Weekly sessions

for one month

- 4 lesson maximum -


Semester lesson fee Weekly sessions

for four months

- 16 lesson maximum -



Personalized Lesson Plans

Lesson plans updated weekly and tailored to your specific vocal goals.  Includes recommended practice plans for warm-ups & repertoire.  

The Voice Lessons

Our lesson sessions are 30 mins. and occur weekly.  I guarantee that you will leave with homework oriented towards your vocal needs & goals, as well as, 1-2 action items you can start implementing immediately!

Guided Recordings

Access to The Resonant Voice's 50+ video vault of guided recordings to fully support you in achieving your vocal goals!

Including, but not limited to:

vocal warm-ups, meditations, breath work, yoga movement for singing and targeted vocal exercises.


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