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Ally Smalley

-Workshop Facilitator - Music Educator - Yoga & Voice Specialist -

Workshop Keynotes

Acting for Singers

Present Performing through Meisner & Yoga

3  hour workshop

Virtual or In Person - $57/person

This workshop will support singers in honing their acting skills through Meisner based acting strategies in combination with yoga based body & breath work, which will allow singer's to perform in the present moment to create their most authentic performances yet. All participants should expect to sing solo & they should come with one song they already know to share in the workshop. 

Ideal for:

  • Children entering 6th grade-12th grade

  • Adult singers of any age

  • 1-2 years of voice experience is helpful to fully participate


Value Your Voice

Musical Mastery through Movement & Mantra

3- 6 hour workshop

Virtual or In Person - $57-108/person 

You're the only one with your voice & it is accessible to you anywhere, everywhere & anytime!  The ability to sing can feel mysterious & magical, yet it is our right as humans to use our voices with confidence & clarity.  In this workshop, you can expect to learn voice science strategies to shift how you use your voice on a daily basis .  Once empowered with this knowledge, you will involve the body through intentional yoga asana that supports the voice while quieting the mind & allowing you to move your singing from analysis to authentic artistry.  Finally, you will learn & sing traditional yoga mantra in community & voluntarily as soloists to culminate your workshop learning. Knowing how to sing & use your voice can be one of the most rewarding skills to learn that will support you not only in music spaces, but also your communities & companies!

Ideal for:

  • College, pre-professional, professional & adult singers

  • Any experience level is welcome


Ace the Audition

Authentic Artistry through Deliberate Practice  

20 hour program- Multi-day sessions

Virtual or In Person - $397/person

Are you wanting to audition for the first time? 

Does your audition routine need a tune-up? 

Have you ever wished you could experience the excitement of a lead role? 


This workshop will empower you to reach your audition goals for that next opportunity on the horizon.  You will experience a systematic approach to owning YOUR audition by exploring voice science based speaking & singing techniques, authentic acting for singers, dynamic movement in practice & performance, as well as, mindfulness practices. Students can expect to sing as soloists & in groups for every session. Students should bring a personal water bottle & yoga/exercise mat each day to support workshop activities. Lastly, students should dress comfortably for this workshop as there will be dynamic movement & yoga each day.

- Sampling of Topics - 

Acting for singers

Speech voice techniques & tools

Learning songs & monologues with ease

Genre specific singing techniques

Movement in practice & performance

Singer seminars

Audition anxiety, mindfulness & building an audition routine

Audition masterclass

Ideal for:

  • Children entering 3rd grade-12th grade

  • Adult singers of any age

  • Prior singing or theater experience is helpful, but not required. 

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