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resonant- deep, clear, continuing to sound or ring
I am resonant.
voice- abilty to sing, speak, or express ones' self
I am voice.
I am the Resonant Voice.


Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much. 
- Helen Keller-

The Resonant Voice is within everyone,

and together we can uncover its power. 

Through weekly private voice lessons and coachings-

you are investing in your musical and personal growth.

In our sessions, we will explore:

breath work

music vocabulary

vocal technique

classical and musical theatre repertoire

presentation and performance techniques

mindfulness practices for performance anxiety

Together we can uncover your resonant voice- 

by finding beauty in the process, trust in ourselves, 

and a deep desire to explore what is possible!


The singing instrument is dependant
on the condition of its carrying case.
- Richard Miller, The Structure of Singing-


As a classically trained musician and yoga instructor,

connecting sound and breath to meditation and movement

has been key in maintaining the health of my carrying case. 


Through weekly yoga and meditation practice,

together we can find strength, balance, and self empowerment

in performance, practice, and life!

Yoga asana [postures] strengthen and balance the whole body. 

Yet, in thoughtful combination with

meditation and pranayama [breathing techniques],

one can cultivate awareness and gentleness for the complete self- body, mind, and spirit. 



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